10 Most Beautiful Amalfi Coast Towns

The Amalfi Coast is candy for the eyes with villages crawling from the Mediterranean Sea up mountains in southwestern Italy. The scenery is incredibly stunning and inspirational for composers, artists and moviemakers, and just about anyone else. The setting is so incredibly stunning that National Geographic considers the drive one of its ultimate road trips. The drive along the Amalfi Coast towns can be made in about two hours, with a few stops, but why would anyone want to rush through one of nature’s treats. Continue reading “10 Most Beautiful Amalfi Coast Towns”

Top 10 things to see and to do in Australia

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No other place in the world combines wild, scenic beauty and sophisticated entertainment as well as Australia. Whether it’s rock climbing or wine tasting, Australia offers the finest in outdoor adventure and as well as the excitement of city life. With so many wondrous landmarks to see in Australia, it can be difficult knowing where to start. Here are top 10 things to see and to do in Australia Continue reading “Top 10 things to see and to do in Australia”

Top 10 “must-sees” in Tuscany

Tuscany is not simply the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance: from north to south, it boasts a lot of places worth visiting. Culture, art and traditions combined with gentle hills, vineyards and charming villages makes Tuscany not only the most dreamed Italian destination, but an unforgettable experience that will leave you the desire to discover more and more about this fabulous region. Continue reading “Top 10 “must-sees” in Tuscany”

Hotel wifi is more important than a free breakfast

The traditional get-away-from-it-all break is fast becoming the stay-connected-to-everything trip. Our love for technology has hit new levels and it’s becoming more of a priority. Travellers expect their destinations to provide smart technology, charging points and free internet access. A new survey has revealed that we’d even rather have assess to wifi than a complimentary hotel breakfast.
Continue reading “Hotel wifi is more important than a free breakfast”